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Comparison Of The Movie And The Book – The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


Finish watching the movie version of The Great Gatsby. Write an essay (about 500-600 words long) in relation to the following prompt: Compare and contrast the book and one of the movie versions of The Great Gatsby. How well do you think the cast of characters was chosen? What do you think about the direction, such as the decision to leave parts of the book out, or to add scenes to the film? How well did the director capture the important themes and ideas of the novel?


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Topic: The Great Gatsby Film Review
Comparison between the movie and the book – The Great Gatsby
Comparative Analysis
The Great Gatsby is prominently viewed as a title of a novel and a movie reflecting the story of Americans living in the period of early 1900s. The Great Gatsby was initially introduced as a novel which disparagingly deliberated the ideals of the American dream and recalling the past (Bénabou, n.d). However, in the film adaptation, it has been observed that the producer has stayed very closely to the plot of the actual story. Thus, he fails to capture the essence of the themes portrayed in the novel. There are several characters in the novel and the film who significantly played important roles. The cast of characters was not chosen accurately to some extent only. As perceived, the Gatsby's character in the novel is very different from his representation in the film. For instance, the portrayal of Gatsby in the novel is studied as one who is withdrawn, romantic and quiet personality. In contrast, the movie represented his personality as loud, intolerable, and willingly declares his wealth. In addition, the film revolves prominently around Gatsby, which makes him more of a personal character, on the other hand, in the novel Gatsby is considered an important character but not as important as he was presented in the film. Similarly, the role of Tom in the novel and the film differed immensely from his persona in

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