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Comparison Essay: E-books vs. Paper Books (Essay Sample)


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E-books vs. Paper Books
Both the E-book and paper book have been a common tool used by mankind to record all their achievements and history. In addition to that, the books are an important medium of expressing emotions, acquiring knowledge and transferring experience. The reading of both books greatly promoted the development of human civilization. In today's world technology is being used in almost every sector of the economy and the education sector is no exception. Each day the reading of books electronically is becoming popular amongst people of all ages in all parts of the globe. It is very important to read a wide variety of books because they have immense knowledge which could guide people as they carry on with their daily lives.
While e-books and paper books are helpful to all the readers, there are many differences between them. The differences arise when one considers better memory, portability, and the cost. The better memory of the paper books is higher than e-books. Studies have shown that students who use papers to read perform better than those who read from online sources. The act of turning papers over and over again serves as the memory and tends to differ with the scrolling down of the screen. For the e-readers, the update is fast enough that people can get the latest information for the first time. However, for some who need a lot of reading every day that paper books can improve the collection efficiency better.
According to the research, Amy mentions that "Reading on paper instead of an electronic screen is better for memory retention and focus. The Guardian reported on an experiment from Norway where people were given a short story to read either on a Kindle or in a paperback book. When they were quizzed later, those who read the paperback were

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