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Comparison And Contrast In The Transport System (Essay Sample)


Choose One of the decades listed below. Then in a well written essay of approximetely 600 words compare and contrast one of these decades to 2018 with regard to ONE of the topics listed below.
Choose ONE of the following decades:
-1920s -1960s
-1930s -1970s
-1940s -1980s
-1950s -1990s
Choose ONE of the following topics to compare and contrast the decade you chose to the year 2018
Your essay must:
-Include a proper introduction and conclusion
-Include a proper THESIS STATEMENT
-Use either subject by subject or point by point organization
-Use internal citations for any research done
(Sources can be more than 3 or least than 3, use as many as need)






Transport Comparison and Contrast

Transportation is fundamentally dependent on technological innovations and infrastructure. Advancements in the transport and infrastructure have addressed the travel need of the growing population, ensuring effective mobility to reconnoiter new terrains, expanding individual’s exploration as well as improving the economy of a country. Additionally, travel time has decreased and load carriage increased amongst individuals. Transport progression has been advancing mainly through the modes of conveyance such as railway, automobile, and air, from the 1920- 1960s to the present. Noteworthy, incremental advancements in the system have replaced the old systems, which tend to be obsolete, with new systems that are well adapted socially and economically to improve transportation efficiently. This paper discusses the key comparisons and contrasts that exist in the transport system between the era of 1920- 1960s and the present.

Railway System

Railway transport system has been socially adapted as a means of transport to ferry both people and cargo in both eras of 1920s-1960 and 21st century. In the epoch of 1920- 1960s, railway was the major form of transportation dominating the transport sector in all industrialized countries, transporting between 80-90% of all passengers (Grubler and Nakicenovic 39). Similarly, in the 21st century, the system is actively in usage, transporting passengers and crucial goods such as oil in some countries. However, through technological advancements, some differences are clearly visible between the two eras. In the 1920s, the railway system used trains powered by steam engines as their means of propulsion, whereas in the present world the trains are powered using gasoline or electricity. Consequently, the current trains are faster and efficient economically than the steam powered ones of the 1920s (Grubler and Nakicenovic 39), therefore improving the system and reducing time interval taken to ferry goods and passengers

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