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Compare and Contrast: Simplification Of Writing Style (Essay Sample)


Based on the previous articles, the theme was to simplify writing style. Compare and Contrast Essay, which was the basic composition. After modification, three to five pages were required.
The Yellow birds-kevin Powers, Slaughterhouse five-kurt Vonnegut, and All quiet on The Western Front-Erich Maria quote research integrity que are selected to analyze The differences.
I mainly focus on my writing style and the beginning paragraphs of each book.


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Compare and Contrast
There are hundreds to thousands of books, short stories, novels, journals and articles on the internet and in libraries. For readers, it is quite difficult to select an appropriate and informative text. Teachers often recommend readings to their students, but what about the general public. I feel that a good novel or book should begin with detailed, significant and interesting information. If the readers are not provided with useful and meaningful text, they will surely lose their interest and won’t like to go through the entire novel or book. Whether a student, scholar, religious person or an ordinary individual, everyone likes reading a book with a unique, impressive story. It should always be based on facts. All the authors have their distinctive ways to capture the readers.
In The Yellow Birds, Kevin Powers his readers by telling the story uniquely and impressively. He does not force the readers to believe what he is saying but provides them with sufficient facts and clues. Sometimes taunting the readers and engaging them in different ways becomes essential, and that’s what Kevin has done in this book. He allows his readers to meet Bartle, Murphy and other characters and lets them experience the consequences of war. The book has been divided into multiple chapters, and each chapter talks about an entirely different yet impressive thing (Powers 2012). For example, its third chapter takes place right after the deployment in which the reader’s attention is directed toward the wrong deeds. Some shameful secrets and bad things are also revealed in subsequent chapters. However, the author does not begin the book with harsh or disappointing sentences. Instead, his tone remains light and he makes the wise use of similes and personification to clarify his point of view (Powers 2012).
In All Quiet on the Western Front, Erich Maria Remarque describes how the German soldiers coped up with mental and physical stress in the battlefield. Unlike The Yellow Birds, All Quiet on the Western Front has an ordinary story, and it

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