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The Use of Diction in the Poem Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Develop a close reading of a single stanza of poetry, exploring it both in relation to the ideas within your chosen stanza and ideas developed elsewhere in the text.
Evaluate the passage for diction, syntax, and figures of speech.
Your essay should answer the question "How do these observations contribute to a more sophisticated interpretation of the entire work?"
Quote your passage in its entirety early in the essay. (In the intro, the first body paragraph, or between these two paragraphs.)
Check the MLA formatting guide for long quotations of poetry (Links to an external site.). Make sure you format the poem as it appears on the page, maintaining the original line breaks.
Your essay's word count should not include the passage.


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Close Reading
The Use of Diction in the Poem
Diction refers to the writing and speaking style, which is determined by how the writer or speaker uses words. It is the choice of words, and it is primarily used to separate excellent writing from bad writing (Aristov). It relies on numerous factors such as the words used should be accurate and right, should be suitable to the context, and should provide an easy understanding to the reader or listener. Aristov further explains that wrong choice of words diverts listeners and readers, which causes them to misinterpret the text. There are numerous types of diction, which include formal diction, colloquial diction, informal, and slang diction (Kahane). Formal diction is used in formal situations such as presentations and press conferences, informal diction is usually used when talking or writing to friends, colloquial diction uses words that may appear different in other communities or regions, and slang diction includes the use of impolite or coined words.
In the poem, “abyss” in the third line is a formal diction that tries to explain the mystery of the world. The writer depicts that although human beings attempt to understand the world or universe, they have not yet reached the conclusions of all that is the universe.

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