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Classification Essay (Essay Sample)

Write a classification essay related to something at work or at home. For example, you may classify the positions in your workplace or the types of people you work with, or the categories of the tasks at the job. Another example may be classifying your chores at home. *It would be better if it was about classifying chores at home and it can be made up. Thank you source..
Name Institution Professor Date Home chores The phrase home can be interpreted to create different meanings to different people. A home is generally a place of residence or refuge. A home can also refer to a building or a place or where a family or an individual can live and keep personal property. A home is regarded as a place for providing safety to the dwellers and a central point from where people and animals base their daily activities. The word home can also mean a geographical place where a person grew up and feels a sense of belonging. Home, for example in people who practice nomadic style of life, is mobile: the home depends with the place of residence at that point of time, and changes as the people move from one place to place. There are so many chores to be performed in a home. This normally varies depending on the size of the home, the number of people living in that home among so many other factors. A clear a well outlined household chore list is very important to keep the household running in a smooth manner. Home or household chores can be classified according to their nature, the frequency within which they are carried out, the manner in which they are carried out and by whomever does these chores and so on. Daily chores are those that have to be carried out every day. These include washi...
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