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City life is better than country life (Essay Sample)

Hi, it have to be "persuasive essay". and i am a international student so i want my essay to be not too "fancy". this is my first time using this web. i hope i don't get in trouble by plagerising or something. thank you so much. please take care of it well. i will use this web site alot. source..
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City life is better than country life
The regions where people on earth live have characteristics, which differentiate them as being urban or cities or as being country or rural. Cities may be regarded as a type of an urban area even though the term city is usually accorded to a region by the administrators, the law or history (Dictionary, Oxford English, 102). There are no characteristics that distinguish cities from towns and there are different types of cities throughout the world. However, it is acknowledged that cities are urban areas and urban areas are defined as regions where the population density is high and where there are a large number of human features. Rural areas, which are also referred to as the countryside on the other hand are characterized by the fact that they lie outside the urban areas such as cities (Dictionary, Oxford English, 567). The lifestyles of people that inhabit cities are markedly different from the lifestyles of people that inhabit the countryside. Life in cities is much more preferable in comparison to life in the countryside.
Life in the cities is a reflection of the status of the world as a whole. Cities are often cosmopolitan as their inhabitants originate from all parts of the world. Therefore, cities are culturally rich and the inhabitants enjoy a greater cultural diversity as compared to the inhabitants of the countryside. People that live in the countryside are often unexposed to other cultures and thus their minds and lives are not as enriched as those of people living in cities are. It is probably for this reason that city dwellers are viewed as being modern whereas those who live in the country are considered “traditional”. Moreover, in the city, a person has an opportunity of meeting new people every single day and he/she also has more privacy because people in the city, unlike in the countryside, people in general are more interested in their own problems.
It is in cities that most businesses carry out their operations. Rarely will one ever find corporations based in the countryside. Therefore, it is easier to have access to modern services and merchandise when one is living in cities. As a result of the easy availability of the goods and services, city dwellers have more opportunities to technologies that make life easier and more enjoyable. This is in stark contrast to people who live in the countryside who may not, for example, be able to enjoy fast food whenever they want to. Also for a vast majority of people, countryside is very calm and to some extent, boring, because shopping is harder and difficult since shops are not opened at a convenient time for instance late in the night.
Life in cities is more enjoyable in comparison to life in the countryside. To begin with, as a result of the high population density, the social scene is normally very vibrant. There are opport...
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