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Chinese Poems. Pouring Myself Drinks Alone By Moonlight. (Essay Sample)


 write about the understanding of the topic and how does the images reflects.
A paper that illustrates: 1) your understanding of the topic; and 2. how the image or design reflects the spirit /essence of your writing. The paper should have a minimum of 3 pages, double-spaced, with font 12.


《Yuè xià dú zhuó》
《月 下 独 酌》
(Pouring Myself Drinks Alone By Moonlight)
Zuòzhě:Lǐ Bái
作者:李 白
(Pouring Myself Drinks Alone By Moonlight)
The poem is very metaphorical and it has a sense of mystery and melancholy to it. The author is depicting his own emotions through his words. Through poetry, he is able to imbue his passion into art. The author is depicting his loneliness and his sense of self in the poem. In the first part, he gives description to his setting, stating that he is amidst the flowers and below the moon light. This gives the reader the ability to imagine the scene of the poem. It also gives the general mood and flow of the poem. As the speaker drinks alone, he is able to see the beauty of the night and at the same time, he is amidst the wonder and glory of nature, with flowers surrounding him.

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