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Chinese novel interview paper. Ethnographic Progress Report (Essay Sample)


  Ethnographic Progress Report  My topic is about Chinese novel culture. I read some Chinese novel recently and talk with my friends who are good at Chinese novel. We discuss about Water Margin and   romance of Three Kingdoms. I record some ideas and thoughts from my friends. We got some characteristics about this kind of novel. They are romantic and sad heroism and these novels hint some political and social problems. For better learning this culture, this semester I take a Chinese Culture class and I make an appointment with my professor for interviewing him. My professor read so many Chinese novels and he is willing to help me. I am going to continue searching resources online and reading novels


You can make up or image the interview.
The event in the requirement that u can write about I join in a chinese literature class


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Chinese Novel Interview Paper
Literature is part of life. Every day, people get to interact with pieces of literature that make up life. The world is filled with musicians, poets and spoken-word artists, authors, etc. Each of these people enhance literature in numerous ways. In my quest to understand Chinese literature, I decided to take part in an activity that was meant to teach me more about ancient and modern Chinese literature. In this activity, I interviewed two of friends who love reading ancient and modern Chinese novels. My goal was to understand what makes these two sets of literature different. So, I dug deeper and below is a summary of the activity together with my and the participants’ points of view as well.

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