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Writing Assignment: Analysis Of The Chimney Sweeper By Blake (Essay Sample)


analyze how the author used the sonnet form and other conventions of poetry to enhance
and deliver the theme. Obviously, thesis will mention both the techniques and the theme as you see it.
Refer to the poetry terms but DO NOT consult any other outside sources for their interpretation
of the poem. break it down into its parts and figure out what is making it “tick,”
what adds layers to its complexity, what outward and seemingly “accidental” touches
(which we realize aren't) reinforce meaning. Obviously, to do this, you must refer directly
to the text of the poem, quoting lines and phrases as examples.
AVOID simply paraphrasing the poem. While poetic language can be a bit puzzling
and so lend itself to “translation,” that is not analysis. Instead, you must show what
the author is doing to get to that meaning. three samples are attached.
Format :
paper must be one page long, typed, double-spaced in twelve point font. As this is an upper-level
lit class, professor expects literary papers to conform to MLA format.
That means: no title pages, a title that reflects the thesis of the paper (not the title of the poem),
one inch margins all around, proper heading, and page number with header.


Analysis of Chimney Sweeper by Blake
The second line, “And my father sold me while yet my tongue” describes the experiences and sufferings of a child while being taken advantage by others. The poem used a Shakespearean sonnet, which was written in the English language, describing the sufferings of a child under a forced labor. As based on the three quatrains, it details about the story of the child who was sold by his father and began to suffer from a forced labor as described from the 4th line “So your chimneys I sweep, and soot I sleep”.
The interpretation of the poem marks the criticisms of the church as interpreted on 12th li

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