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Significance of the novel "great expectations" by Charles Dickens to today. (Essay Sample)


You will write an essay discussing a novel’s significance using one of the literary criticisms (gender, historical archetypical, etc.) and consider literary devices (elements such as theme, irony, conflict, point-of-view), may not discuss the plot or characterization.
Writing as a literary critic, you will plan, draft & revise an essay of 1200-1500 words defending your novel’s significance to today. You will format a paper according to accepted academic guidelines, with proper use of MLA citations and a Works Cited.


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Significance of The Novel "Great Expectations" By Charles Dickens To Today
Gender is a common topic that arises in the novel Great Expectations By Charles Dickens. A common literary criticism regarding the novel is the rebellion of gender identity (Marcus 11). The story focuses on a young male growing up while trying to find his purpose and goal in the world. Published in 1861, the novel revolves around the life of the protagonist, Pip, who also acts as the narrator. He has recently lost his parents and siblings and stays with his adoptive father, Joe Gargery, and his sister, Mrs. Joe Gargery (Marcus 122). The author subverts stereotypical ideals that were common during the Victorian period, such as masculinity, femininity, and motherhood (Christiansen). This review will focus on how Dickens has often been criticized regarding how he depicts female characters while also looking at the roles of masculinity, feminist, and performing gender roles and their significance in the novel.

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