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The Causes And Effects Of The Growing Popularity Of The Gluten Free Diet (Essay Sample)


The causes and effects of the growing popularity of the gluten free diet.
Cause and effect essays use analysis to examine the reasons for and the outcomes of situations. They are an attempt to discover either the origins of something, such as an event or a decision, the effects or results that can be properly attributed to it, or both.
Cause and effect essays answer questions like the following ("A" is your topic):
Why did A happen? (discovering the causes of A)
What happened as a result of A? (discovering the effects of A)
What might happen as a result of A? (predicting further effects of A)
the essay can be structured either "block" or "chain" (examples below)
1) Block
>Cause 1
>Cause 2
-Transition Sentence/Paragraph
>Effect 1
>Effect 2
2) Chain
>Cause 1 and Effect 1
>Cause 2 and Effect 2
>Cause 3 and Effect 3


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Gluten-Free Diet
Over the last couple of years, the gluten-free diet has increasingly become popular among consumers. Today, most consumers have expressed their desire either to reduce their gluten intake or to avoid it even although they are yet to be diagnosed with celiac disease. This dietary change can be attributed to a number of factors with the major ones being: research studies which postulate that reducing gluten intake has added advantage to the consumer, including, but not limited to weight loss and low risk of suffering a cardiovascular disease and; taunting done by celebrities which advocates for diets that are free of gluten. Such factors have increased the sales volume of gluten-free products while exposing consumers to nutrient deficiencies such as a lack of folate (Sutton). Additionally, gluten-free products come at a higher price as compared with other natural products. The ensuing discussion seeks to evaluate the causes and effects of the growing popularity of gluten-free products.
One of the major factors that have contributed to increased use of gluten-free food is reports by researchers claiming that these products have health benefits to the consumer. A number of studies have pointed towards the ability of gluten-free products to help the consumer reduce weight and avoid the risk of a cardiovascular disease. This has in turn attracted a large number of consumers and an assortment of products (Sutton). Nevertheless, some studies, backed by professional reviews by nutritionists and other medical practitioners have disputed this claim, pointing out that gluten-free products have not been proven to necessarily provide these benefits. In essence, experts note that those that have been diagnosed with symptoms of celiac are the ones who are prohibited from taking products that have gluten. Otherwise, consumers who are not at risks need not shy away from using these products, given that they will not benefit and may suffer from nutritional deficiency.
Another factor that has contributed towards the increased popularity of gluten-free products is the strategies that companies are employing to increase sales and revenues. Prior to the new wave of consuming gluten-free products, manufacturers of food products emphasized on the need to use natural products

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