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12 grade English Honors: Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking (Essay Sample)


Cause and Effect Essay on "Smoking"
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12 grade English Honors

Cause and Effect Essay on Smoking
Tobacco is one of the commonly abused substances in the United States. Over 16 million citizens are suffering from tobacco-related health complications. It is the chief cause of avertable demises. Recent studies revealed that 15.1% of Americans use tobacco. The rate of smoking continues to decline according to research studies (Roziet al., 161). This assignment aims at analyzing the causes and effects of smoking in the United States.
Causes of Smoking
Peer influence contributes the major cause of the drug use. It is very common in students who become victims of smoking due to influences from their friends. The students become smokers depending on the quantity of tobacco they use on a daily basis (Rozi et al., 161).
Domestic perceptions that permit tobacco use can lead to smoking. Majority of the students who smoke have relatives who use tobacco. This influences them to start smoking tobacco at their tender ages. This factor is also a prevailing cause of smoking in the country (Rozi et al. 163).
Socio-cultural factors also lead to smoking. Children raised in a society where social media adverts encourage cigarette smoking are likely to be attracted to smoking. In addition, watching programs which depict smoking as a good social behavior can lure adolescents into smoking (Rozi et al. 163).
Also, individual traits can influence tobacco use. Some innate personality characters have been proved to influence this behavior. These include eccentricity, peril tolerance, pleasure searching and disloyalty. An individual exhibiting such traits is at a high risk of smoking (Rozi et al. 165).
Moreover, the convenience of the substance to the people for use in a region can also determine the percentage of smokers. Studies show that children raised in a region where tobacco is highly available become smokers. The students can easily buy cigarettes, thus gradually ...
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