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Cause and Effect Argument Essay Assignment Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Choose a trend or phenomenon related to the sale, trade, or donation of human organs. The trend or phenomenon should have a definable set of causes and effects. Write a 1,500–1,750-word argument using five to seven academic resources that persuades an audience to accept your explanation of the causes and effects of your chosen trend or phenomenon related to the sale, trade, or donation of human organs.
Imagine your issue either as a puzzle or as a disagreement. If your issue is like a puzzle that needs to be put together, your task will be to create a convincing case for an audience that does not have an answer to your cause and effect question already in mind. If your issue is like a disagreement that needs to be resolved, your argument must be overtly persuasive because your goal will be to change your audience’s views.
Be sure to examine alternative hypotheses or opposing views and explain your reasons for rejecting them.
This essay is NOT a CASUAL essay. Instead, it is a cause and effect essay. A cause and effect essay explains the causes and effects of a trend or phenomenon involving the sale, trade, or donation of human organs.


Lyubov Fedorchuk
Kevin Boyd
February 5, 2020
Ineffective Government Policies and Low-Donation Rates Amplifying Human Organ Trafficking
The number of organs needed for transplant across the globe exceeds the rate of organ donations. Besides, the number of people waiting on the transplantation list of northern America has seen a rapid increase in the need for live organs for transplantation. The growing need for organs has created a virtual market in the ecosystem that has resulted in the stemming of organ trafficking. Organ trafficking is attempting to address the challenge of the rising demand for the organs by different people who are very willing to pay heftily for the organs. The black market otherwise targets the vulnerable individuals across the globe to provide adequate supply as possible to its consumers even using the illegal way. Desperate for money, the poor are willing to give out a portion of their body for good money to sustain their living. Organ trafficking, caused by poor government policies, and the unwillingness of people to donate organs, is now hurting the lives of Americans and the government needs to find lasting measures to address the menace.

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