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Castration for sex offenders (Essay Sample)

argumentative essay on Castration for sex offenders, it is a english class Composition source..
Doris Williams Instructor: Pamela Roeper English Composition 112 March 12, 2013 Sexual Crimes and the Call for Chemical Castration to Offenders Introduction The most important thing about any one committing a mistake is striving to employ measures that are aimed at correcting it and that the only effective way for a wrongful act to be righted or forgiven is through acknowledgement and remorse. However, there are many criminals who commit crimes without comprehending the magnitude of their actions. This especially applies to sex offenders that prey on children (Kinnear 64) making the innocent children victims of the heinous act. They barely do comprehend the magnitude of their actions to the fatalities. Castration can be an effective way to help the criminals conceive their errors and also can prevent potential future sex offense. Sexual Crimes and Chemical Castration A violent or none-violent sex crime such a rape, often affects the families and friends of the victims as much as it physically, psychologically and emotionally affects the of the victims themselves. It is of great moral concern that the perpetrators of these acts do not preempt the pain that they pose to the victims. According to Thornton et al. (1404) most of the victims of sexual offences are women; this has also caused an unwarranted fear among them and has led to a form of paranoia in relatives and friends of those already affected. Victims of such offenses often suffer for the rest of their lives as it is widely noted, either silently or otherwise, both psychologically and physically (Snyder 4). Victims who are children are often tormented for long periods of time from intestinal rupture from the violent rape crime, and they are traumatized by the cruel experience they have undergone. As evidenced in Jordan and associates` article (607-628): "Sexual Violence with respect to sexual violence, many victims experience shock, fear, agitation, confusion ... Indeed, PTSD [a mental...
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