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Cash Vs Credit Card (Paper Versus Plastic) (Essay Sample)

Doubled spaced with a works cited page attached It is supposed to be a source analysis paper with 2 sources source..
Name: Professor's Name: Course: Date: Cash vs. Credit Card (Paper Versus Plastic) Introduction The debate over the use of either cash or credit cards has died down as people have now made up their minds and either chose cash or credit cards. However, there are still those who are yet to decide and thus need more convincing. Money has undergone a lot of transformations, and currently, the world is divided between those who believe in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With each passing season, the world makes a transition from one thing to the other. These transitions cause people to protest, break into circles, and choose sides. However, eventually, people do make these transitions and accept the changes with any of the costs involved. With regards to money though, there has not been a complete transition as some people insist on using cash instead of cards. The sources under review in this paper present their cases differently with one of them taking a neutral stand while the other is trying to sell the idea that people need to use cash instead of credit cards. This paper thus seeks to build on the premise that Wolff-Man's article is stronger because it not only takes a stand on the matter but also makes use of sources outside the publisher or sponsor. Latoya Irby as indicated by her page on The Balance is a “debit and credit card expert.” She has more than ten years of experience while working as a financial reporter. She has been quoted on several publications including The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and News and World Report. What the above means is that her credibility should not be questioned in matters finance and thus her article is one that ought to be treated with the authority that it commands. Her article titled Using a Credit Card vs. Cash was last updated on October 29, 2018, which is about five months ago. With regards to the topic at hand, this is indeed current enough. The debate over the use of cash and credit cards has been ongoing for some time now, and this article is indeed current. The information presented in the article is balanced as it offers both sides of the debate. The author does not lead the reader or make their judg...
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