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The Case of Jamaican Child Support Payments (Essay Sample)


1. Brenda Wyss compares three approaches to analyzing the issue of child support in Jamaica.
a. What are these three approaches? {1,2,3}.
b. Wyss claims that all three fail to grasp the case of Jamaican households. What is her proposed alternative approach for understanding child support payments in Jamaica?
i. What is the name of her approach?
ii. Explain the concept behind her approach in a few sentences.
iii. List 3 specific elements of this approach in bullet point form.


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Reading Summary
As an island economy, Jamaica has been facing various challenges and is being given tough times in a global free trade environment. One crucial problem is size, and the other challenge is child support. According to Brenda Wyss, Jamaica won't enjoy the various advantages of size available to countries like Canada and the United States. On the other hand, children on this island will hardly get support, and their parents and the government itself will ignore most of their rights.
In Culture and Gender in Household Economies: The Case of Jamaican Child Support Payments, Brenda Wyss shares three different approaches regarding children support. According to the Neoclassical Economic Approach and Child Support Behavior, children should be given proper financial

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