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Analysis and Interpretation of Caliban’s Relationship with Prospero and Others (Essay Sample)


In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest the characters Caliban and Ariel are native to the island to which several intruders have come from the mainland. Both characters are held in servitude to Prospero and both show signs of resistance, yet it is Caliban whose antagonism seems the strongest. While Ariel is mostly an accommodating spirit, Caliban is an antagonist whose monstrous appearance seems to justify Prospero’s rough treatment of him.
Write a paper in which you analyze and interpret Caliban’s relationships with Prospero and others. What scenes in the drama strike you as most important to understanding the meaning of Caliban, and how should we interpret the struggles between Caliban and the outsiders who use his island as a base of operations for their own political machinations? Why does Ariel, his fellow islander, work with these outsiders to thwart Caliban’s struggle for freedom?
Your essay must be three pages in length (approximately 250-300 words per page) and will constitute 10% of your grade. Try to save all drafts of the paper as you may wish to use any left over materials for your revision later. (Your revision will count for an additional 5% of your overall grade.) You should make use of episodes and quotations from the play to support your argument. You do not have to use any secondary sources, but if you use any, you should accurately identify them in a bibliography to avoid plagiarism.


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Analysis and Interpretation of Caliban’s Relationship with Prospero and Others
The Tempest is a play by William Shakespeare which is believed to have been written between 1610–1611 and its thought to be one of the last plays that he wrote alone. The story is set on a remote island where a sorcerer Prospero lives with his daughter Miranda and his two servants Caliban and Ariel. Caliban is a monster figure who Prospero found in the island while Ariel is an airy spirit. Prospero is the rightful Duke of Milan who had been brought to the island to die by his brother Antonio so that he takes over the leadership, that was 12 years before the play began. The play rotates around Prospero's desire to take back what is rightfully his while using his two servants to achieve the goal. In the process the relationship between the three characters deteriorates and gets amended at some point.

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