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Bullying Literature & Language Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


only requirments is that it is a rhetorical analysis mla formatting 2 pages or 500 words in length over bullying


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Bullying to some people is an emotional topic because of the experiences they have had at the hands of bullies. Bullies crush people’s confidence and rob them of their self-esteem. The effects of bullying can be long-term with extreme effects being an increase in suicide rates. Today, social media has helped to make connections between people easier. However, it has also increased bullying rates with governments getting involved in the fight to end or reduce instances of cyberbullying. Cases of teenagers committing suicide continue to increase and this is mainly because bullies also have access to the same social media platforms. Additionally, social media platforms appear to not have policies that can help address the issue of bullying effectively. In her article, however, Erasmus appears to have a solution that she believes can help reduce the susceptibility of children to bullies. In her article How to Bullyproof Your Child, she provides a detailed explanation of how, together with her husband, they helped her daughter overcome the effects of bullying.

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