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How Can We Bridge The Differences That Divide Us? (Essay Sample)


Reading Assignment: From the text They Say I Say Choose three essays from the section titled "How Can We Bridge The Differences That Divide Us" (Section 16, pp. 209-313) to read and use to support your thesis for essay 2. Read for key ideas that relate to your thesis. Use evidence from the text to show how the author supports their thesis. This is where you will be more expansive than a summary, where you will use quotation and paraphrase and explication. Therefore, explore how the reading connects to your thesis and whether the reading supports your thesis. Quotes from the three essays from They Say I Say are expected to be integrated throughout your essay. You may also research outside sources for your essay to explain why you agree or disagree with the prompt question.


How to Resolve Differences that Divide Us
America is one of those countries that is divided by the political and the economic factors. There is so much evidence on the division lines that exist in America and most of them can be identified through the policy debates and intimate relationships. As a way of doing away with these differences, it is important to understand them and come up with the appropriate ways of resolving them. In my view, differences among different groups should not actually divide people since human beings are meant to be different. Human beings have a perception of treating people that they feel are different from then in a particular way that is different from the way they treat people that they feel closer to. As a way of resolving these differences, we should focus on changing our perceptions about people whom we feel are different or we do not share common aspect. The youth are responsible for this change and if they change their perceptions, the future generation will not be affected by the differences that exist among different groups of people.
The first approach to bridge the differences that exist among us is recognizing that differences exist and people are meant to be different. We do come from different places where we hold different values and attitudes. As a young person it is important for one to be proud of their heritage. Being proud of your heritage is the first step towards resolving differences. As Obama points out in the Howard commencement speech, it is important for people to be themselves (Howard Commencement Speech p. 303). Recognizing yourself in this case means that you ae able to understand that there are differences that exist among people. In terms of race for instance, if you are black, you need to be proud that you are actually black. When you are proud of your heritage, there are rare chances that you will start thinking about yourself in a negative manner. You will always be proud and you will not see any challenges when mingling with people of other races. It will also give you the confidence and you will be able to chase your dreams in an appropriate way knowing that there should be nothing that can stop you from achieving them.
Expanding our thinking will also play a great role in bridging differences among us. In most cases, when you have carried out something and become successful, it is not good to look at the other category of people who are not successful in a negative manner. It

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