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Brain storm. Comparison of Black Death and the Coronavirus Disease (Essay Sample)


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Comparison of Black Death and the Coronavirus Disease
Over the past few months, people all over the globe have been living in fear and confusion. The period has been marked by very terrible events that range from wildfires in Australia to the US- Iranian threats to start combat and most remarkably the coronavirus. The disease spreads so fast and has caused so many deaths all over the world and various media outlets have been quick to compare it with the Black Death, a plague that wipes close to half of the European population the medieval ages. This essay will compare and contrast coronavirus and the Black Death assessing their social, economic, political and cultural impacts on the world.
Black Death is suspected to have originated in China and spread into the Middle East following the pilgrimage routes and eventually reached Europe through the trading routes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO np.), the first case of coronavirus was in Wuhan, China in 2019. Both diseases originated from Asia and were spread to other parts of the world by human travelers. The Back death spread into Europe through the trade routes when the European merchants traveled back home with the contagious disease. Similarly, coronavirus was spread to other parts of the world by travelers from China leading to infections of major the world cities. The disease continues to spread at a faster rate because of the availability of effective means of transport at the present compared to medieval Europe.

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