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Blog Post Assignment Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Blog Post Assignment
Business writing requires effective communication that is clear, concise and free from errors. Another aspect is persuasion. This assignment requires you to write a blog post that is persuasive in MLA format. Choose a topic that is interesting to you. For example, write about a product, review a restaurant, music group, news media, news event, social media, technology, medical field, a cause, etc. Use the 3x3 writing process & guidelines suggested in chapter 10. Make sure your blog post is subtle and not abrasive.
You can go online and view various blogs to get an idea of what Blogs look like. Though, it is not required, but try adding pictures, images, videos, links, etc within your Blog Post.

Simply Rubric (Please view the grading rubric before submitting your assignment)
Spelling/ Grammar: 5 points
Length: 10 points
Formatting: 5 points
Introduction: 5 points
Persuasive tone: 15 points
Content: 15 points
Conclusion: 5 points
Business Communication: Process & Product, 9th Edition Chapter 10


Unless Something is Done, Climate Change is the Ultimate Death Warrant for Humanity
Climate change is causing severe weather events all over the world, and scientists have confirmed it is true from investigations focusing on climate-related data. Ice glaciers in polar regions are disappearing at an alarming rate. If we continue neglecting the cautions, the human race will perish. Several happenings are proving that climate change is real and has devastating effects. Rising sea levels, warming temperatures, flash floods, melting of glaciers, and glaciers are clear proofs that the world is hanging on a hair strand. We are on the verge of an apocalyptic collapse due to the severe impacts resulting from unpredictable weather patterns. In our arrogance and desire to subdue everything non-human, we ruined the natural systems to our own peril.

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