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Bill Bryson: Why we are lucky to be alive and have the (Essay Sample)

I need a 2 page paper on bios by bill bryson and agreeing with his theory. source..
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Bill Bryson: Why we are lucky to be alive and have the
resources we have on earth.
This assignment evaluate on the reasons why we are lucky to be alive and have all the resources which are there as it has been documented in the book "A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Brysons. According to Bill Bryson we are living in a dangerous world which we are exposed to so many dangers such that if anyone knows about their existence will wonder how do we survive it and have access to all the resources which are on earth.
Bryson described on how the universe was formed through the big bang. This is during the early days which explain the early development of the universe. It is documented that there was a dense mass which was extremely hot which due to the pressure within it exploded to form the universe as it is known today and it has been drifting apart. The first elements which were produced as a result of the extreme heat and explosion were helium, hydrogen and lithium. All this elements are harmful to human beings if inhaled. But they eventually produced blocks of matter which condensed to form clouds which merged and form stars. The continual composition of elements finally formed all ...
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