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Personal Experience of America (Essay Sample)

Introductions – Brief Biography Introducing yourself. And, answer the following questions in your own words. Do you think race gender and ethnicity are major issue in contemporary America? How do these categories influence your everyday experience as a US citizen? Explain in detail. You response should be between 250-300 words. Note: the best response is one which is based on an introspection of your life and experiences. Avoid using Wikipedia or other sources from the internet. source..
Personal Experience of America
I am an international student from Yemen studying engineering and I'm in my final year in college. I do speak Arabic and English with English being my second language in my linguistic echelon. I have been in the United States for quite sometime and I have gained quite into American culture.
Just like any other culture or society issues of gender, ethnicity and race are major issues amongst Americans. Beginning with gender, a Yemeni friend of mine once asked me as to why Americans are so skeptical of woman presidency that they have never voted for a woman to be the commander in chief. The answer to me seemed obvious that in spite of the fact that feminists movements began in America in the 19th century very little progress has ever been made.
Racial or ethnic sentiments were echoed when a white man short dead several Sikh men and women in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin last year. Racial sentiments were echoed when Trevor Martin was gunned down by George Zimmerman in cold blood the last year. Watching the way the president responded to the issue, the demonstrations this followed the incident and way the media caries the story I felt unsafe here in United States.
Latest revelations coming out of the recent presidential elections have shown that president Obama got a landslide win because of the votes of women and minor...
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