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Beowulf verses Iron Man (Essay Sample)


Compare beowulf to real-life heroes


Choose ONE of the following and write an essay between 900-1100 words (3-4 pages) Thisalways.1. Compare and contrast Beowulf to a modem superhero. How are they similar, and how do they differ? Give specific text references for support (chapter and line numbers). For the superhero, give specific story references. This can be an Informal response paper -you can say T - but be sure to use MLA standards for paper standards.2. Compare and contrast the three adventures of Beowulf. How are they similar, and how do they differ? Think about his motivations for fighting each. Consider as well the motivations of the different monsters. Does Beowulf change as a result of any of these battles? Cite chapter and line numbers for support. Be sure to use MLA standards for paper.


Beowulf verses Iron Man
Has anybody done something to you that has changed your life positively? Maybe a hero? There are several kinds of heroes, for instance, soldiers who fight for our country and service members, narrative heroes and your normal ordinary citizens. The story of Beowulf is a well-known conqueror to the gates. He remained to be the best until the superheroes came and people have diverted their attention to the modern heroes. Beowulf, a fighter and the main protagonist of the heroic story, demonstrates traits such as allegiance, kindness, and courage that depict him as a brave man. It is exciting how present-day heroes demonstrate not only comparable but also dissimilar abilities as Beowulf. Beowulf relates well to combatants although when we consider superheroes, they are indifferent in many techniques. History indeed has a way of repeating itself through activities and performance. This is apparent when we equate the heroic Beowulf and the film Iron man. Both of the main characters, Beowulf and Tony Stark share resemblances in that they are all braggarts’, battle their enemies to death, and that they are all epic, but still human. The following paper shows the similarities and differences between the two heroes. However, their similarities overshadow their dissimilarities in that in case the differences are stripped off, they would both remain the same.

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