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Benefits Of Summer School: Your Academic Goals (Essay Sample)


In what ways will summer school help you achieve your academic goals? (450-600 words
How many credits do you plan to take this summer?
Where will you be enrolled?
I am taking 11 credit hours
I am taking it at Chamberlain college of Nursing Atlanta Campus Georgia

Benefits of Summer School
Many students think that summer schools are meant for makeup classes. However, this is the time for students to explore vast interests, get a grasp of college life, earn college credits, have hands-on experiences outside the classroom and develop new skills among other. I am planning to take a summer school at Chamberlain College of Nursing Atlanta Campus Georgia. The school will be able to offer eleven credit hours. Besides, the institution offers residential programs whereby I would be able to live in housing with other students. Therefore, I am anticipating that the institution will make me a changed person not only on the academic line, but also on other skills and social aspects as described in the subsequent sections.
Chamberlain College of Nursing Atlanta Campus Georgia will help me with extra assistance in getting back to the academic track. Most of the time, students who are on holidays fall back on their performance and may be on track for graduation. Thus, attending summer school would enhance improvement in performance as well as ensuring that I graduate with fellow students. Besides, the time spent during summer school will improve my college preparation. I will be able to get the college of my desire by boosting my GPA through connection with other students both locally and at international levels (Borman, Benson, and Overman, 131).
Secondly, attending summer school at Chamberlain College will help in bridging the gap in summer. It is noted that much of the skills and new ideas learned during the school years are forgotten at the summer times. Thus, r...
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