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Battle Royale - Summary Analysis (Essay Sample)


Can you describe more detail about my main idea. (the problem of following government rules blindly by not thinking for yourself.)


English 110
Summary Analysis
The Japanese economy is on its knees, people are struggling to simply survive. There is no hope for tomorrow and the future of many citizens is basically bleak. In the process, the government comes up with a random plan to only suit the last survivor in an epic game to the death. “Battle Royale” is about the government randomly selecting a junior high school class and forces them to participate in a game. They are taken to an island, all the 42 of them, and ordered to kill in order to survive. In this game, they need to kill each other until there is only one survivor. They are given just three days to do this. Among the ridiculous rule in this game, some students choose to suicide without participating in this killing game; some students lose their humanity to survive; some students decide to trust their classmates although they do not have any chance to survive. The novel has a main idea – the problem of following government rules blindly by not thinking for yourself.
It brings to the fore the underlying problem affecting most citizens in any country around the world; blindly following the gover

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