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Baptism of Europe (Essay Sample)

Directions: Write a well-reasoned, well organized, grammatically impeccable paper that seamlessly answers all of the following questions. Do not number your papers as though you were completing an exam. Write in essay format and make sure that somewhere in your essay you address all points. Pay attention to making smooth transitions from point to point. Read and reread to make sure that the flow of your paper is good. I have made the questions detailed and put them in a particular order to help you with your paper organization. The sets of questions bear a relationship to each other. Correctly identifying the relationship is the key to writing an essay with smooth transitions. All the questions need to be answered and please if you use any sources please cite them because the paper will be submitted through a software to check for plagiarism. 1. How can you tell that the first three chapters of Luke are concerned with establishing the claim that Jesus is Messiah over the claim the John the Baptist is Messiah? How does the author of Luke establish the former claim over the latter claim? 2. Why does the sequence in Luke from Luke 4:1 to Luke 4:12, concerning the temptation of Jesus in the desert precede all of the sequences in Luke having to do with Jesus' healing power? Why does the devil tempt Jesus in the sequence in the particular ways that he tempts him? Why does Jesus respond as he does? What does the temptation sequence have to do with establishing the claim that Jesus is Messiah? What clues does it provide regarding the mission of the Messiah? 3. Is Jesus a political Messiah or a spiritual Messiah or both? Begin your answer with a careful analysis of Jesus' teaching as presented by Luke from Luke 6:20-Luke 6:49. As you consider whether there are political implications to the message, try to imagine what the characteristics and qualities would be of a community that lived the principles set forth in the teaching. What would it mean to be a person in community. You may find it useful to use a concrete example of a social structure you know in your own life to answer the question. Would it be transformed or not by such principles? If so, in what concrete ways? Corroborate your answer whether or not the message has political implications with several other passages elsewhere in Luke but be careful to account for passages that appear to be contrary to your view. 4. Why does the teaching sequence in Luke from Luke 6:20 to Luke 6:49 directly follow references to Jesus' healing power from Luke 6:18-Luke 6:19? source..
Baptism of Europe
Question 1: The word Messiah is no doubt that it is a general term that has being given to many people within the biblical times. The word Messiah generally means the anointed one or a person who is set aside for a specific assignment from God. Therefore, in reference to this definition, then people like David, John the Baptist, Moses, and Saul could be referred to as a Messiah in their specific times (Gospel of Like, Chap.1). Some of the prophets in the bible could also be regarded as Messiah. Then, a question arises on what kind of Messiah were the Jews looking for or what qualifies Jesus to be regarded as the Messiah who was prophesied in the Holy Scriptures? You will agree with me that there were many messiahs; however, the one who is prophesied in the bible was ‘The Messiah’ (Alfred, 12). The Messiah was to come to the world and change the people’s direction for all times, not a particular community or a generation. Luke expresses Jesus as the waited Messiah in his book, Luke.
Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the anointed Messiah who was prophesied in the Old Testament. This is evident in the records of Luke where he distinguishes the role played by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. John the Baptist had a special role that was ordained by God to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ. All the New Testament gospels speak of this; in Luke 1:17, John the Baptist role was regarded as to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the defiant to the knowledge of the just, and above all, to make the people of Israel ready for the Messiah who was coming soon (Gospel of Luke Chap.1). The author of the gospel of Luke stands by this fact in Luke1:76 and 1:77. He records that John the Baptist had many followers who he baptized in river Jordan in preparation of the King to come (Judith, 45). John himself testifies that Jesus was the Messiah when he argued with Jesus in river Jordan during His baptism. It is also clear that the Holy Spirit of God confirmed this when Jesus was baptised by saying that “this is my beloved son who I am well pleased of” (Gospel of Luke Chap.2).
Luke also presents Jesus Christ as the Messiah and gives evidence as to the one who should have been waited for those years by the Jews. Luke still proves that Jesus is the Son of God as He, Jesus, claimed to be. Jesus was born of a virgin, Mary; this was prophesied by the prophet Isaiah. He also prophesied that the Messiah was to be born in the city of Bethlehem; this is what is presented by the author of Luke (Alfred, 32). Luke is very categorical in his use of identity of the Messiah to link Jesus firmly as he claimed. He presents his background, the place and location of where Jesus was born, the exact period of the expected messiah and above all giving other characteristics of Jesus in connection to the promised Messiah (Gospel of Luke Chap.2). Based on these credentials, we ar...
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