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Asking an Instructor for a Letter of Recommendation (Essay Sample)


Asking an Instructor for a Letter of Recommendation
You're ready for the job market, transfer to a four-year college, or graduate school, and you need letters of recommendation.
Assume that you've orally asked an instructor for a recommendation, and he or she has agreed to write one, but asks, “Why don't you write up something to remind me of what you've done in the class? Tell me what else you've done, too. And tell me what they're looking for. Be sure to tell me when the letter needs to be in and to whom it goes.” Write the e-mail. Do include To, Cc, Bcc, and a Subject line.
Be detailed about what the organization is seeking and the points you'd like the instructor to mention.
How well will this instructor remember you? How much detail about your performance in his or her class do you need to provide?
Specify the name and address of the person to whom the letter should be written; specify when the letter is due.
Effective communication, both verbal and nonverbal, is incredibly important in the business world – business depends on it. Your speaking and writing abilities illustrate your ability to effectively communicate while representing yourself and the organization you work for.
In this assignment: attach a one page Word document using Times New Roman font, size 12, in response to the assignment description.
Be sure to:
Answer each question listed.
Work should be written in first person.
Mind your grammar and punctuation rules.
Check the flow of content using paragraphs, listing and indentions to separate your responses.
DO NOT number your responses in your submission.
Always cite your references in APA format.


I am requesting you to help me write a letter of recommendation for my job market. In the letter of recommendation, kindly begin by mentioning whom you are and the relationship that we have. State that you have been my instructor for all the years that I have been in college (Prager, Myer and Pensak, 2010). The first paragraph should all about establishing the connection between me and you. You can also state how long you have known me and how you know me.
In the second and third paragraph of the recommendation letter, include the specific details about me. Mention how I am exactly qualified in the field. I have participated in different business workshops when I was in college. In the year 2018, we had a business presentation where we won an award called College Business

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