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Artwork. Everything by Alighiero Boetti. Essay. (Essay Sample)


Artwork Everything by Alighiero Boetti
List everything you see.
Describe each of those things- visually and physically. Imagine that you are a sports’ announcer doing the play-by-play, describing, and then commenting on, the events of the contest; except in this case it’s your chosen artwork and you are describing, and commenting on, the physical attributes of the work.
How does the rule of thirds affect the way you look at the composition?
Are any of these things acting as an element of or principle of design? The elements and principals of design are listed in the book.
Elements of design example: the shapes create, or depict, rest while the lines create movement.
Principles of design example: the pattern made by the brush strokes around the lights move outward.


Student Name
Professor Name
Alighiero Fabrizio Boetti is also known with the name of Alighiero e Boetti. He was born in Italy and was a conceptual artist (Korff-Sausse 23). Alighiero Fabrizio Boetti was a member of the art movement Arte Povera. His artwork titled Everything contains plenty of colors and is a beautiful mixture of different shapes. Through this work, the artist has tried to explain how one of his series was conceived in Afghanistan for the first time.

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