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Article by Charles Murray (Essay Sample)


here is the link http://www(dot)american(dot)com/archive/2008/september-october-magazine/are-too-many-people-going-to-college Also it doesn\\\\\\\'t really have to be any certain type of essay just an essay on your view about the article with some quotes

“Are too many people going to college” by Charles Murray
The article authored by Charles Murray and titled “Are too many people going to college”, contains substantial information that pertain the enrollment of many people into college. It is agreeable that liberal education is one of the key things to consider because of its nature and importance. Murray states in his article that some of the universities ought to be intended for making the human beings cultivated and capable. Moreover, the mass democracy needs to encourage numerous people to pursue education in light of becoming cultivated and capable. The basics of liberal education are crucial to attain, yet some students have the notion that the places that offer such basics might be middle and elementary schools. Therefore, a thorough personal view on Murray’s article is commendable.
In the study contained in Murray’s article, it is evident that he had conducted satisfactory study, which includes a review of earlier works by authors such as E.D Hirsch. This clearly shows the validity of his research and persistence to find out more about college education enrollment. In addition, Murray mentions the speeches of some prominent persons that made a contribution towards effective college education and results like John Stuart, who made effort to explain to his students the real meaning of higher learning or college learning. Some of the germane points noted by Murray from the works of Hirsch are that in order to participate fully in all the culture needs familiarity with certain body of core knowledge. Murray likes living in the United States without recognizing prohibition, Teddy Roosevelt, wall street, Gettysburg or smoke-filled rooms with attempting to read without recognizing a number of the ten thousand words in a language that are commonly use. This is a hurtful fact which continues to portray the cultural illiteracy concerning America, as the main knowledge transcends an individual’s country.
Moreover, there is a highlight of the significance of the liberal education, stating that it plays a reasonable role, acting like glue that keeps the culture together. An early understanding of the history among American children is commendable regardless of their ethnic group, and the duration through which they have lived in America. This would help the children to be acquainted and to understand their nation better in the future. The immigrant could obtain a sense of belonging within the land because they will have familiarized with the history. In addition, there is a personal agreement with the article which states that the gaining of knowledge amongst all kinds of people brings abou...
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