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Karellen's sympathy in Childhood's End (Essay Sample)

Write a minimum 800 word argumentation essay on Arthur C. Clarke\'s Childhood\'s End, in which you take a position on whether the book presents Karellen as a sympathetic character or not. Be sure to read the lecture material on the Weekly Outline titled \"On \'Sympathy\' & the Argument Essay\" for specific information. The final copy of this formal paper is not due until February 24th. Since this is a college-level paper, you will be graded on the completeness of your analysis as well as the presentation of the paper in terms of format, mechanics, and organization. In particular, you will be graded on MLA-style format for the presentation of the paper sound essay structure paragraph unity, coherence, and good development judicious selection of at least three convincing reasons to support your claim and use of relevant, direct evidence from the book to support your reasons avoiding major errors in fragments and run-ons avoiding minor comma errors in compound sentences, with items in a series, and with introductory and added-detail elements avoiding usage errors, such as misspellings, missing/misused apostrophes, and typos keeping other minor mistakes to a minimum clear and direct expression correctly formatted Works Cited page source..
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Karellen’s sympathy in Childhood’s End
Even though, Childhood’s End does not have a protagonists the role of Karellen in the story is significant as he is the leader of the Overlords, a group of aliens who seek to enhance progress on planet earth. The Overlord’s vision is sympathetic to the cause of humanity though human beings are wary about alien invasion. Karellen’s physical features are remarkably different from that of human beings, and he possesses superior mental capacity. Karellen does not use superior technological knowhow to colonize the earth, but rather to enhance progress among the earth’s inhabitants (Clarke). This paper explores the sympathetic nature of Karellen by providing evidence from the Childhood’s End.
As the leader of the Overlords on earth, Karellen is in direct control of the activities of aliens when they invade planet earth. The Overlords begin by changing the earth’s institutions anchored by Karellen. In there pursuit of Utopia, Karellen is the most zealous of them all as the aliens use technology to bring about a better world. Karellen announces that the earth was being taken over by the aliens, this shows that he was sympathetic to the humans as this gave them ample time to prepare for change. As a member of the aliens, he mainly engaged in activities tat were beneficial to humans, interfering with the Apartheid regime in South Africa is evidence to his group’s sympathetic nature.
The capture of Stormgren who is the link between human beings and the aliens presents dilemma to the Overlords. After interrogation by a radical group, Karellen does not reveal much information and his interests with that of Karellen appear to be mutually beneficial. However, the capture of Stormgren provides information on his location as he is tracked by the aliens. Karellen comes to his rescue, but does not interfere with the activities of the radical group....
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