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Identify three issues that distinguish approaches to City Design before and after World War 2 (Essay Sample)

Please read these readings first and then write the essay according to these readings. Originally - 6 files in pdf of readings called: Chester_W_Hartman_-_Lessons_for_Urban_Planners.pdf Colin_Rowe_-_As_I_Was_Saying_-_Part_1_of_3_opt.pdf Colin_Rowe_-_As_I_Was_Saying_-_Part_2_of_3_opt.pdf Colin_Rowe_-_As_I_Was_Saying_-_Part_3_of_3_opt.pdf Unit_6__Oct_17_-_City_Design_after_World War 2_-_Rem_Koolhaas__What_Ever_Happened_to_Urbanism.pdf Thomas_OConnor_-_The_Urban_Renewal_Chronicle[].pdf source..
Issues that distinguish approaches to City Design before and after World War 2
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The Second World War was a culmination of the tension that was created after the First World War. When the First World War was fought, there are those parties that were discontented and tension between the two warring camps led to the Second World War. One major phenomenon that surrounds the era before and after the Second World War is the design of buildings. There was a major shift in the manner in which cities were designed before the Second World War and the designs adopted after the war (Hughes, p. 27). This discussion looks at some of the factors that influenced the change of design of the buildings.
Towards the being of the First World War, the structures that were out up were mainly temporary. This is not to mean that they were built in a shoddy manner. Rather it meant that not so much design was taken into consideration when constructing the buildings. This is because of the short-lived nature of the purpose for which they were to serve. Majority of the structures that were put up at the time were mainly meant to house the thousands of troops that were participating in the war (Chadaravenia, p. 34). After the Second World War, the designs adopted were more permanent in nature. Since they were not being built for a short period of time, the designs were more complicated to enhance the permanence.
Speed was another main factor of consideration. Although the Second World War was imminent, no country including American knew th...
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