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Creative Topic: Anthropocene. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Taking your chosen topic as a jumping-off point, carefully select textual evidence in support of yourspecific, non-obvious argument.Please also be sure to incorporate some “close reading” in youressay: consider works in terms of style—not just plot. I.e., if you are writing about literature, considerthe musicality of the work as well as its use of figurative language, its narrative point of view (is freeindirect discourse employed?), etc. (Note that the best way to begin a close reading is to look forrepetition.)Taking Rob Nixon’s theory of “slow violence” into consideration, what are the challengesimplicit in representing or visualizing the Anthropocene? Compare the video Welcome to theAnthropocene to Jason deCaires Taylor’s living underwater sculpture, Anthropocene. Howdoes each representation mobilize narrative voice or point of view, mood or tone? How doeseach engage the viewer? Is one more effective (moving, arresting, striking) than the other? read the notes thoroughly so you get the whole idea of the topic: don't copy fromhere directly. But needs to include content from here and relate it to the videoIdea of “slow violence”● Critic Rob Nixon devices in his book Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of thePoor● Argument is commonsensical--- climate change presents a huge problem onpresentation○ He calls it a formidable representational obstacle○ Problem has to due with our ability to notice and pay attention● The crisis is not visible, the effect of climate disruption is not always presentedimmediately visually. Only preserved through the absence of something○ So its called slow violence● Quote by Nixon● Most fundamental motivating question of this book○ Idea is that how dowe act ethically and how to stircommunities and political or socialaction around this problem whenthe effects are not always visible tous.○ Predicament inquestion of climate change requires us to think differently about time. Nixon’sinterest here is in his nonfiction writing. He takes on the challenge of making“slow violence” or climate disruption visible● Think of an art work of neologism (precise language allow us to see something)invented word might shed light on the workings of environmental violence● Rob Nixon also talk about ecological justice which is a way of thinking aboutenvironmental racism also examin racial discrimination in enviornmental policy making○ We focus on the environment, not just something that exists esthetically. But it isall around us


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Creative Topic: Anthropocene
Human activity has had a profound impact on the earth. The desire to survive, gain, and secure economic empowerment is driving forces behind the booming planetary activity. The impact on earth is immense and one can get the true picture through visualization. Anthropocene is a critical concept whose analysis provides genealogical age that espouses palpable human activity, which impacts on environment and climate. This paper will rope in Nixon’s theory of “slow violence”, Taylor’s living underwater sculpture, and Welcome to Anthropocene video, to illustrate contemporary and future Anthropocene discourse.
What is Anthropocene? Mirzoeff (pp.213) defines it as a new geological era that is underpinned by human intervention, ordinarily seen through the burning of fossil fuels. Koutsourakis (PP.299) described Anthropocene as a historical epoch or period in which humans transformed themselves into geological forces that influence the environment, making it arduous to delineate humans from the natural world. Clarke-Sather et al. (pp.332) defined the Anthropocene as the geological epoch, which features humans as dominant actors in the world environmental systems and is laced with controversies. 

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