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Anthro Comparison Essay Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Read the two articles attached above and compare them in an essay. In the comparison, address the following questions: What role does Chagnon’s scholarship play in each article? Is he one of many scholars cited, or is he the only one cited? Does the article author use of his work critically or not? “Critical” here does not mean “criticism”; critical means the use of a source with an appropriate level of skepticism, recognizing that all sources have strengths, weaknesses, detractors, etc. Another way to ask this question: Does the author of the web-based source see Chagnon's work as "True" beyond a doubt, or does the author see Chagnon's work as part of a larger picture.
Make sure to frame the essay with an introduction that lays out the main points and a conclusion that sums up.


Student's Name
Anthro Comparison Essay
Anthropologists have different opinions on the origins of different cultures of different tribes. They use observation method to be able to study cultures of different tribes and their origins. Napoleon Chagnon is one of the anthropologists who stayed for five years studying the culture of the Yanomamo in Venezuela. He wanted to understand why they were constantly fighting and lived under fear of attack from neighbors and what measures were used to obtain honor and reputation of an individual and a village. He also wanted to understand what courage and fierceness meant to these people. In both articles, Chagnon explains why Yanomamo community is far much behind in terms of civilization. The other anthropologists did not discover this because they researched communities which are already civilized (Chagnon 2017).
Chagnon's scholarship on anthropology had a lot to play in these articles. He was aware that fights are present in tribes who fight for different things it's only that his lecturer didn't mention that they can still fight for women. His anthropology knowledge presented him an image of peace-loving people which motivated him to get to the field and find the truth about these tribes. His anthropology understanding guided his research and analysis hence referring to the Yanomamo as a state of chronic warfare. He disagreed with fellow anthropologists that cultures are egalitarian in nature. His previous knowledge encouraged him to get the

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