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Why John fainted in The Yellow Wall-paper by Charlotte Perkins Stetson (Essay Sample)


Select one of the topics below as the substance for your short essay. Be attentive to the interest of the question, and focus your analysis on your primary source. You may write your own essay question if you like, but please clear your question with me before proceeding with your essay. References to historical, societal, or gender norms should be avoided. Try to stick to the substance of the text. Make sure you have a clear thesis, something that you will argue, that addresses your primary source. Paper format should conform to the MLA style guidelines for research papers. Remember that strong essays always include direct in-text references from your primary text. Be sure to integrate any citations you make in a grammatically correct way. Also, be sure to present adequate context and explanation of anything you cite. Questions about in-text citations and works cited pages can be answered at the OWL @ Purdue website, or from the RDC library. Papers must be submitted as a hard copy in class March 5, and through Blackboard in docx. format. Paper length should be roughly 800 words. Please do your best to limit yourself to the word count. The due date for this paper is March 5.
Essay question:
At the end of “The Yellow Wallpaper” John, the narrator’s husband, faints. Explain why this happens to him. What about their relationship has caused this dramatic reaction? What does this reaction do symbolically in the story?
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Why John fainted in The Yellow Wall-paper by Charlotte Perkins Stetson
When John finally enters the room, he is greeted to a very shocking scene. There is a rope in the room, and the wallpaper had been torn. Given that the narrator had kept to herself her ‘discovery’ about the wallpaper, her actions and utterances were gibberish and spelt disaster to John. I’ve got out, at last, said I, “in spite of you and Jane? I have pulled out the most of the paper so you can’t put me back!” (Pg.656) John did not understand his wife’s infatuation of the wallpaper and that he had been implicated in a ‘scheme’ to put her behind the wallpaper sounded absurd and signified a bigger issue than he thought she had. John did not expect to find his wife with whom he had been living with to have broken down. There are several possible reasons why John fainted that can be deduced from the story.

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