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Essay On Anne Bradstreet: To My Dear And Loving Husband (Essay Sample)


TOPICAnne Bradstreet: What does it mean for her to be a female poet in her Puritan society? What are the personal problems and anxieties she must work through? Is her frequent self-deprecation a shrewd strategy, or is she sincere?
-Be sure to quote frequently from your chosen text. About 15-20% of your overall word-count should consist of quotation.  Use at least three quotations per body paragraph and analyze them closely.-Be sure to cite and document your quotations correctly according to MLA style.
Grading criteria:Substantive points of argument for thesis and topic sentencesClose/detailed/precise analysis of textsTheoretical sophistication, depth of thoughtLiterary-historical context in the introduction paragraph and, when appropriate, throughout.Overall quality of your writing: organization, style, grammar/mechanicsAt least 1000-1250 words 
Special Note:Plagiarized essays--even a single sentence!--will receive a zero and may not be rewritten. Every single word, clause, sentence, and idea of your essay must be your own unless you have clearly given attribution to your sources in one or both of these ways:a. You have put borrowed words in quotation marks and have concluded the quotation with a parenthetical citation in MLA format. A Works Cited section must appear at the end of your essay, in MLA format, giving full documentation for the original source. Example: Richard Ellman explains, "Historians of literature like to regard a century as a series of ten faces, each grimacing in a different way" (422).
b. You have introduced paraphrased materials clearly with a tag and then followed with a citation. Paraphrases do not use quotation marks. Example: According to Richard Ellman, one of the world's foremost experts in Irish literature, James Joyce set the agenda for an entire generation of modernist writers (422). These words are yours, but the idea is not, so you still must make clear attribution of your source. 
c. A Works Cited section must appear at the end of your essay, in MLA format, giving full documentation for the original source.  
Essays will be checked for plagiarism using Blackboard's SafeAssign tool. It compares an essay against those found on the Internet, essay-selling services, and a nationwide database of other students' essays. It produces a report that shows the original source(s) of plagiarized material. 
Bradstreet (A: 437-456)“The Prologue,” http://www(dot)poetryfoundation(dot)org/poem/172961“In Honor of Queen Elizabeth,” http://www(dot)poetryfoundation(dot)org/poem/172959“The Author to Her Book” http://www(dot)poets(dot)org/poetsorg/poem/author-her-book“Before the Birth of One of Her Children,” http://www(dot)poetryfoundation(dot)org/poem/175747“To My Dear and Loving Husband,” http://www(dot)poetryfoundation(dot)org/learning/guide/238168#poem“In Memory of My Dear Grandchild,” https://www(dot)poetrysociety(dot)org/psa/poetry/crossroads/old_school/anne_bradstreet/
“Upon the Burning of Our House”  http://www(dot)poetryfoundation(dot)org/poem/172963


Essay on Anne Bradstreet
Living in the theocratic Puritan society of the 16th century in Massachusetts, women suffered in silence. Nothing was acceptable except for religious activities. Anne Bradstreet attempted to change the hierarchal and the sexist aspect of the Puritan society through poetry. In her poem, "To My Dear and Loving Husband" (Warn 4), Anne's self- deprecation portrays her suffering cleverly to show her resentment towards puritan norms. Ann describes her love for her husband ironically reflecting her opinion about true love.
"My Dear and Loving Husband" is one of the many poems written by Anne Bradstreet in 1641 that describes to modern readers the Puritan attitudes towards many issues of love, marriage, and God (Myles 347). Anne's poem to My Dear Loving Husband describes Anne's true love which makes her challenge the Puritan traditions (Myles 348). Puritan women were not permitted to express their feelings openly. However, Bradstreet expresses her obligation to show her husband of her true devotion (Myles 351).
In her figurative language, she conveys her message that seems to show some contradiction. Anne uses sharp-witted strategy to exemplify the contradiction of love specifically; she illustrates her conflict with love (Jordan 999). On the surface, Bradstreet appears to be declaring her using a series of statements that are well construed to declare her unconditional love in her marriage.
When reading her poem closely, she reveals the opposite when she says “if ever man were loved by the wife”. This could translate to mean that she clearly doubt if love is unconditional by using the word “if ever". She also talks about how love is unpredictable and mysterious "this love is such I can no way repay" (Warn 5).This would mean that her husband's love is so effusive, but could also mean that her husbands' love is not worth when she uses the word such.
When she cannot understand the puzzle of love, she expresses her doubts of a perfect love. The paradox in her explanation is evident when she illustrates her futile search for an unattainable and unavailable love when she stated that "while we live, in love let's so persevere. That when we live no more, we may live ever " (Warn 5).
At some point she informs her husband to continue loving her in order to fulfill Gods promise after death, according to Bradstreet, they would be rewarded with eternal live and also love. Her statement is a true reflection of the firm beliefs of the Puritans. She further writes that "I prize thy love more than whole mines of gold" (Warn 6). She refers to her husband as a valuable possession.
"If ever two was one, then surely we. If ever man were loved by wife, then thee; if ever wife

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