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Animals should be used for Medical Research (Essay Sample)

I want you to do an argument essay to this topic: Should animals be used for medical research? I will be agree with using animals for medical research. I will submit two files: the first one is the level of my writing so you can see my writing. The second one is my outline. The most important that I want you to use an easy words as much as you could. source..
Animals should be used for Medical Research
Human beings have used animals for a variety of purposes including research. Animals have been used for transportation, sports companionship and more so many animals have been killed for food. Animals have been used in research to aid in understanding of living things and illness that afflict human beings and other animals. Studying of animals enhance researchers to obtain information that is impossible to learn in other way. The development of new drug and surgical techniques can not be directly used on humans due to the possibility of it causing harm than good, but they are tried on animals first to determine their safety and effectiveness. Moreover animals do offer experimental models which are impossible to replicate with the use of human subjects.
Most animals by which tests are being carried can be a menace while in the open to the society. These animals are filthy, and breed diseases becoming a problem to the public. It is therefore, worthy for them to be in the lab as they are put to some good use because they are fed and cleaned hence, reducing their population in the open which could otherwise be catastrophic (NAP). Research using animals such as rats and mice serves a significant role by reducing their population in the public. Subsequently, rats and mice have a short life span and thus, they develop diseases over a span of days and weeks rather than months and years.
Many animals used in research have many biological similarities to human beings as they make up to 90% of mammals in biomedical research (Trull). The use of animals for medical research is important in verifying whether the use of new drugs or compound is fatal when used in humans. The development of new treatments for diseases would be extremely limited if animals were not available for testing. Performing of tests in human would have killed them unnecessarily and hence, the need for animals in research to determine toxicity and fatality of new drugs.
Human have reared animals that they later kill for food, transportation and recreation (NAP). Therefore, the use of animals for research purposes is beneficial because it enhances to develop treatments for ani...
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