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Analyze the view of war in the poem with the view of war in Faulkner story (Essay Sample)

Essay 2: Read Wallace Stevens\\\' poem \\\"The Death of a Soldier\\\" and E.E. Cummings\\\' poem \\\"my sweet old etcetera\\\" in your textbook, Select Writers of the Twentieth Century. Select either poem and analyze the view of war in the poem with the view of war in Faulkner\\\'s story \\\"Two Soldiers.\\\" Your essay should be well- developed and well-supported with the texts and approximately 500 words long. Essay Writing Guidelines: Essay format should be double-spaced, should have a maximum font size of 12, and should be in MLA format. In writing your essays, make sure to use MLA documentation format and include a works cited page. You are not expected to use outside sources, but if you choose to do so, ensure that you are properly documenting those sources as well. From the Course Menu, you can access online library resources and MLA information. (From the Online Library Resources page, click on Recommended Websites, then Research and Writing Help, then Citation Help.) source..
View of war in "The Death of a Soldier" with the view of war in "Two Soldiers.;
The beginning and progress of the subject in Wallace Steven`s poem "The Death of a Soldier" cannot be anticipated as compared to Faulkner`s story "Two soldiers;. In the poem, the war context does not employ use of metaphors and most lines are direct (Ramazani 29). This, therefore, ensures a depiction of the main borne of contention in the poem since the main subjects of the poem are on death and war. Faulkner`s story on the other hand describes war in depth, as depicted in the narrator and his brother when they use Killegrew's radio to follow news on war. The narrator depicts the view of war to the reader from his own point of view as compared to the poem where the author`s perspective of war is directly linked to the reader of the poem as alluded to by Kermode (9).
When compared to the poem, Faulkner`s story clearly states out that the narrator`s elder brother, Pete, is joins the war out of his own free will and the urge to figh...
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