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Analyze Film. Mise en scene in A Matter of Life and Death (Essay Sample)


All instructions are attached in the document. Please watch the film first before writing the essay. This is an undergraduate level essay so please analyze carefully. Please assign writers that have film literature background for this assignment: you'll need to have a thorough understanding of mise-en-scene or cinematography.
Mise-en-scene: https://en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Mise-en-sc%C3%A8ne
Cinematography: https://en(dot)wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Cinematography
Find these movies online:
Pariah: Available on Hulu by subscription or $3.99 on Youtube. ( IF YOU PAY A FEE TO WATCH IT, this amount will be re-embursed to you, address Support).
A Matter of Life and Death: Available on YouTube for free: https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=-
Paper – Close reading of mise-en-scène or cinematography 
Length: minimum 2 full pages, maximum 3 full pages Format: Times New Roman, 12 pt, double-spaced, 1” margins In a nutshell: Use close reading to make an argument about mise-en-scène or cinematography in a film. 
The aim of this paper is for you to develop your ability to critically analyze and interpret the use of one compositional element of cinema, either mise-en-scène or cinematography. Your paper must develop an interpretive argument about one of the following: 1. Mise-en-scène in A Matter of Life and Death 2. Cinematography in Pariah Note: Papers on mise-en-scène in Pariah or cinematography in A Matter of Life and Death will automatically earn an F. 
Start with your observations and notes from screening. Look for patterns, structures, contrasts, emphasis, and progression in the way in which mise-en-scène or cinematography is used in the film. Then consider how the film’s use of that compositional element contributes to one of the film’s meanings. A compelling paper includes a strong, original argument, detailed evidence to support it, analysis that shows how the evidence supports the argument, and a clear organization (paper structure, including an introduction, thesis, and conclusion) to communicate all that to your reader. See the syllabus for general paper grading criteria. 
Do not simply list out your observations but use them as evidence to build an interpretive argument about the film. Also, do not argue that the compositional element is successful, makes the film more realistic, or allows the audience to better identify with the characters— those are all evaluative claims, and this paper requires you to make an interpretative argument. 
To complete the paper with a satisfactory level of accuracy and detail, you will need to either watch the entire film (especially if our screening was your first viewing) or, at the very least, watch the scene(s) that you are writing on. 
Papers that are too short, too long, include plagiarism, or are formatted deceptively to make the paper seem much longer or shorter will likely get grades somewhere in the D or F ranges. Plagiarized papers will also go through the academic reporting process. 
Find these movies online:  Pariah: Available on Hulu by subscription or $3.99 on Youtube. A Matter of Life and Death: Available on YouTube for free:


Mise en scene in A Matter of Life and Death
A Matter of Life and Death is a fantasy romance movie produced by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger. The film was first released in the United States under the screenname Stairway to Heaven. Different elements of mise en scene have been used to reveal the themes of war and love. Mise en scene refers to what is depicted of a film in the screens, it is the film’s visuals, which include and not only confined to elements such as lighting, stage setting, depth of space, décor, and costumes. Mis-en-scene also assists in creating the feeling of a place and conveys the moods of the characters within the viewer’s conscience without them realizing it. Numerous elements of mise en scene have been employed in the production process and convey the major themes of war and love, the design setting, lighting, acting, and color.

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