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Analysis Of Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening (Essay Sample)


Read the Robert Frost poem and answer this questions using quotes from the poem as evidence: What kind of person is the speaker of the poem? How do we know? If you have more time answer this (Think carefully; it's hard but you can do it.: How would the poem be changed if Frost had put a comma after "dark?"


Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening: An Analysis
Probably, the first thing that comes in mind when one reads this very classic Frost poem is death, depression, or suicide. After all, most critiques find it a little somewhat connected to these aspects of life. However, when Frost was asked if the poem indeed speaks of such things, he denied and kept the mind of his readers in search for the truth by simply saying “No.” Thus, it would not be right to conclude that this poem actually talks about death and suicide. Perhaps the closest thing that we can relate to it is a person's perseverance and enjoyment in life before finally taking his rest.
Making a literal analysis of it would give us the idea that the poem is spoken by a simple man, a traveler, to be more specific. As you would notice, he simply describes and at the same time appreciates what he sees in the woods. Perhaps he is a traveler who prefer enjoying the beauty of his route instead of taking it for granted. We know such fact, because he describes the way the woods look like in details with so much particularity. For instance, the second stanza says, “My little horse must think it queer,” “To stop without a farmhouse near.” In here, it would seem like he is describing the woods to have no signs of life. He exemplified such through p

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