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Analysis short story (Essay Sample)

Essay/Analysis short story for Once upon a time by Nadine Gordimer A) Pinpointing one or more characters from a short story, analyze the ways in which the character changes (or remains static). Why do the characters behave this way? What motivates the character to change? What can readers learn from the character's transformation – or from a character's refusal/failure to change? B) Identify and evaluate the messages / themes of the short story. Argue whether or not readers can gain any valuable “life lessons” from the story. Should we embrace or reject or ignore? the story's philosophical message(s)? C) Analyze the symbols within the story (the objects, actions, people, and animals) which represent something more than its surface appearance. As you explore what the symbols represent, argue whether or not the symbolism adds to the emotional and/or intellectual experience of the story. source..
Essay analysis
The housemaids and gardeners who were not trusted change from being good to be bad people who are dangerous to the society. They leave their work places to hang about in the suburb. This is because they are no longer employed. Some importuned for a job: weeding or roof painting. They change because of dismissal from jobs without pay and fear for their lives which was due to the fact that buses were being burned, cars stoned, and schoolchildren shot by the police in around their working places that were those quarters out of sight and hearing of the suburb. Although the riots were suppressed, there were many theft incidences in the in the suburb and somebody's trusted housemaid was tied up and shut in a cupboard by thieves while she was in charge of her employers' house.
The change in character of these gardeners and the house maids who were not trusted teaches us that some people in the society will only be faithful in conducive conditions i.e. an environment that favors them and will not be ready to suffer defending others or at the expense of other people. Some of the messages or themes of this short story shall be discussed as follows. Violence and lawlessness is the main theme in this short story. It is clear from the passages that people in this set up are living in fear for their lives to an extent that even their dreams reflect the actual state of their thoughts. The writer says that he heard a sound which was a creaking of the kind of the foot steps of a person walking along a wooden floor. This made the writer to start thinking about his inadequacies like when he thinks that he has no burglar bars, no gun under the pillow, but I have the same fears as people who do take these precautions, and my window panes are thin as r...
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