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ENG 110: Analysis of Nick in Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (Essay Sample)


The detailed instructions for the essay is in a word document, and I would like to upload that to you when a writer is assigned to this order. The choices of topic is given as follow, for this essay, choose one of the topics and write about it. The topics are as follow:
1. Analyze the narrative technique of one or two scenes in Joyce’s “The Dead,” comparing or contrasting where appropriate to one other narrator we have read this year.
2. Explore some of the narrative gaps and lack of closure in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, comparing or contrasting where appropriate to the gaps and unanswered questions in one other narrative we have read this year.
3. Analyze the dual narrative of Seth’s Clyde Fans, focusing on one scene. How does the difference in narrative perspective inform the reader’s experience of the story at this point? Compare this moment with a moment of complex perspective in one other narrative we have read this year.
4. Analyze the character of Nick in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, thinking about how his personality reveals itself through his narrative. Compare or contrast where appropriate to one other narrator we have read this year. 
5. Compare and contrast the narrator/narratee relationship in Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” and one other narrative we have read this year. How do these stories call attention to and complicate this relationship?
After choosing one of the topics, you are required to compare and contrast the text listed on your preferred topic and one of another texts that we have gone through throughout the school year, and for the texts we have gone through. I will provide you when a writer is starting on this order. Another important point for this essay is that you can only cite from the two primary texts that you are going to compare and contrast and also from the first essay that I turned in and being graded from the first semester. I will upload my first essay to the writer as well. Therefore, for this essay, you are going to cite from the two primary texts and the essay I turned in last semester, a total of three sources.

Question 4
Analyze the character of Nick in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, thinking about how his personality reveals itself through his narrative.
Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, is a classic novel that was published in 1925. He novel tells the story of Jay Gatsby with the storyline being narrated by Nick Carraway. The book espouses a wide range of themes, which are developed through the interactions between different characters. Jay Gatsby is a dubious character in the novel who lives a mysterious lifestyle as a millionaire. He has shady business connections and lives a luxurious life throwing lavish parties for his friends, most of which he does not attend. Nevertheless, he exemplifies many themes that the author, Fitzgerald, seeks to put across. For example, the main theme in the story is that time is irreversible. Gatsby had spent most of his youthful years as a military officer during the World War I. It was during these years that he met and fell in love with Daisy Fay Buchanan. However, after several years since their encounter, Gatsby is still nostalgic about their youthful love. He hopes to see Daisy one day in his life. Besides, the main reason he holds several parties in his home is so that Daisy may one day appear at one of the parties.
The world of literature is a traditional learning platform in the case that it helps the community to understand various elements of the everyday life. In this context, various playwright and authors usually developed different thematic plays to portray these aspects. Given such an understanding, there is a need to point that the world of literature demands the use of impressive stylistic elements. A good example of such stylistic aspects includes the use of characterization effect to attain certain elements in the world of literature. The book The Great Gatsby is an important learning platform in the context that one easily achieves certain aspects of the social life through the analysis of the primary characters.
Evidence that supports such reasoning develops in the case that there is a protagonist in the book and the main character titled Nick Carraway. Nick plays the role of a typical an educated young man who has progressively achieved wealth through his education and social connections. The case to analyze such a character in the book develops in the sense that his life story revolves around the everyday challenges of life. His role in the book The Great Gatsby has significance to the contemporary society in the case that it also proves the ever-evolving challenges of life. “Notably, Nick Carraway is a character developed in the book to document on the realities of life for a given class of the society” (Fitzgerald, 159).
This statement means that through Nick, an audience can understand that various elements of the social life could change at any given time. For instance, the book starts with an introductory scene that at lays the foundation for the story and the existing societal structure of the wealthy and the educated. However, there is a flashback scene that reveals to the audience Nick’s challenges before the current life. Such a setting is noteworthy for discussion in the case that it helps a given audience to understand the existing connection between the realities in the book and the real correlation to the practical world. On the same note, it helps one to compare other works of literature used in the 19th century period. For instance, The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe and Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave by Frederick Douglass.
Comparison and relevance between Edgar Allan Poe, Scott Fitzgerald and Frederick Douglass
The analysis of The Great Gatsby is important in the case that it helps one to compare the stylistic features...
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