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Please Write An Essay Based On Death Penalty (Essay Sample)


please write an essay based on my outline and read the requirement carefully.
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Death penalty
The death penalty has been a controversial issue in recent years. Over the course of the history of human beings, the death penalty has been used as a way of punishing people accused and convicted of certain crimes. However, changes in society in the last century has called for a ban on the use of the death penalty as a form of punishment (Manzano, 34). Capital punishment has been preserved for different crimes, and a number of countries in the world such as Saudi Arabia, China, and the united states still practice it. Most countries have banned it in law and or in practice, and they have not executed anyone for decades. Whilst there are calls to abolish the practice, some people oppose the move citing it is the befitting punishment for some crimes, and it has a deterrent effect. However, taking human life is too precious to atone for any crime, and thus, the death penalty should be abolished.
The morality of using the death penalty as a form of punishment is wrong. The advocates of capital punishment say the only justification for some crimes is death. In most cases, capital punishment sentences are handed to murderers, rapists, perpetrators of robbery with violence, etc. In each of the aforementioned cases, the suspects threatened or terminated another person’s life, and thus advocates consider such people to be threats to society. However, the process of punishing these individuals for their crimes is cruel and inhumane. Firstly, the convicts spend a long time on the death row awaiting execution. Awaiting execution is a very disturbing thought, and it is like emotional abuse. To make matters worse, they spend many years without hope of their future. All the years they spend on their death row are very traumatizing.
Secondly, capital punishment is not a deterrent factor to other potential criminals, and thus it is not advantageous to the judicial system CITATION ABC151 \l 1033 (ABC News, 2015). First, the convict cannot atone to the crimes he did through his death. Secondly, during incarceration awaiting the execution, the very convict continues to use taxpayer’s money. Indirectly, the very person(s) who were affected by the crime continue to pay their taxes to keep the convict

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