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Problems of Congestion in Moraga roads (Essay Sample)

Choose a local problem that affects you on a regular basis in some way...either at DVC(college), or in your town where you live(Moraga). Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins Separate Work Cited page required in MLA format Outside research must include at least two sources (not Wikipedia!) A proposal argues what should be done, and what good consequences will follow or result. I. Introduction: Make a claim that advocates for a specific change or course of action. Identify the problem: What exactly is the problem? Who is most affected by the problem? What causes the problem? Has something like this been discussed in the past? If so, what happened? What is likely to happen in the future if the problem isn't solved? II. Propose your solution: Be as specific as you can. What exactly do you want to achieve? How will your solution work? Can it be accomplished quickly, or phased in over time? Who will be involved? Can you think of any reasons why your solution might not work? How will you address those issues? III. Consider other solutions: What other solutions have been, or might be proposed for this problem? What are the advantages and disadvantages of those solutions? Why is your solution better? IV. Examine the feasibility of your solution? How easy or difficult is your solution to implement? What monetary coast might be involved? How do you propose to pay for it? Who is most likely to reject your proposal? How can you convince your readers that your proposal can be achieved? V. Audience for this proposal: Who would be interested in your proposal? How much does this problem affect them? How would your solution benefit them, either directly or indirectly? Include rhetorical element consideration of Ethos, Pathos and Logos. VI. Conclude with a call for action! source..
Running head: Problems of Congestion in Moraga roads
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Problems of Congestion in Moraga roads
Moraga is a suburban and incorporated town situated in Contra Costa in California has a lot of problems in the way its roads were formed as it has many traffic jams. Moraga is faced with challenges of how to accommodate through traffic while maintaining access and interest in local businesses and community activities. Moraga has a lot of traffic during a school start and stops times at Miramonte high School as there are a lot of vehicles on the road. Moraga is underserved by its current shopping areas and a broader selection of stores to choose from. Most of residents were forced to abandoning their cars to get down to the centers making it easy for the parking spaces for the residence in the centers. Congestion on the road has cause a lot of accidents on the roads as many of the residents tend to run with time hence over speeding and careless driving (Kimball, pp 75- 80). This problem has resulted to traffic jam inconveniencing drivers who should also have to wake up early to arrive at the place of job on time. Increase in the number of vehicles in the road has led to an increase in the price of fuel since its demand is high. This problem is caused by an increase in the number of vehicles as its road is small to accommodate all the vehicles in the road. Government were planning to expand the road but it had no enough finance to fund the project, but it has been given an aid with the IMF to finance the project. If this project does not start early enough then in the future there will be a high percentage of accidents on the road and a lot of time will be spend on the traffic jam than the number of working times.
Traffic jam on the road can be minimized by expanding the roads and also by increasing car parking fee so as to discourage people to use their personal cars. As car owners will now prefer using public service vehicles as it will be cheaper to use in that he or she will not have a burden of paying the parking fee. Expanding the roads will make flow of vehicles to flow freely with no traffic jams on the road. High price of fuel will make car owners to use public service vehicles as most of them will tend to save the money of buying fuel when they can use a cheaper means of transportation. Also when expanding those roads they can also introduce some of the flyovers to accommodate more vehicles and for the safety of the pedestrian by using flyovers. By doing this will help in red...
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