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Advertisement Serves Useful Purposes for the Public (Essay Sample)


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Advertisement Serves Useful Purposes for the Public
In the highly developed modern society, advertising has become a part of people lives. When people look around, they can see that various advertisement not only on TVs and newspapers, but also on billboards, buses, and walls. The highly competitive business environment has also encouraged the advancements in the advertising means as businesses and firms attempt to gain the advantage and market their products and services to the greater public. Advertising provides a medium through which the firms and individuals are able to convey varying messages across the different forms of media that include print and broadcast notices. These messages include and are not limited to solicit desire for the goods or services, reinforce sales people’s messages, and enhance the company image. Advertising serves useful purposes for public and manufacturers due to the effect it provides consumers more information about products and promotes economic development.
Advertising can be a chance that provides consumers more information about products in the market. Julian acknowledges that fact in his article and states “A common perception of advertising is related to solicitation or encouraging consumers to purchase the goods and services of a company organization” (Yudelson 134). Individuals and mostly businesses print advertisements in newspapers, create fliers and use electronic media to create awareness about the commodities they are selling. Technological developments and more specifically the influence of the internet have fastened the means of advertisement. It is common nowadays to see various products being marketed on the popular internet platforms such as Gmail, Facebook and twitter. Established organizations usually engage the various means of advertisement to inform the public of new products and services they have rolled out. For example Tesla Motors whenever they release a new model of their electronic vehicles usually frequent the various media platforms with images of the new model and specifications incorporated in the car. The messages on the advertisement usually have most if not all the details on the product and service and are often relayed in a way that it entices the target audience to purchase the product. New firms and business also participate in advertisement to inform the public on their entrance into the market and to share on the products and services that differentiates them from the other players in the industry. Some business whose products and services have not been fully embraced in the market may turn to advertising to provide more insight. Also, firms that wish to increase their revenue

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