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Addictions Are A Product Of Social Dislocation & Family Stress (Essay Sample)


This assignment needs three things, first critique second is essay draft third is a complete essay.
Because a third of the assignment to write a little low So now total score a bit low Need writers write this the assignment 4 to a level of B +, trouble, here is the teacher's request 2 to choose a topic, at the back of the document is all mentioned materials, please writers choose to use, it is ok to choose a topic, three things are divided into three documents. If there are not enough words under the order, please email me, thank you!
Now it's time for you to create your own persuasive paper. Having completed the activities in Unit 4, you are ready to pull together everything you have learned about persuasive writing and craft your own written argument in response to the essays you have been reading and critiquing.
This assignment is marked out of 100 marks and is worth 20% of your course grade.
Using the material generated in Activity 4 of this unit and the following list of possible topics, draft a response to the arguments presented in the assigned readings in an essay of 1,000 to 1,250 words. Your essay should be well organized, with good paragraph structure and transition; a strong, ethical, persuasive approach; an appropriate introduction and conclusion; and lively, precise, and grammatically correct sentences. Use a variety of rhetorical techniques, as appropriate, and use MLA-style documentation to cite any material that you quote, paraphrase, or summarize. Revise, edit, and proofread as necessary.
The critiques are written in Activity 4, as well as the first draft of the assignment, MUST be submitted with the assignment.
Argue one side or the other of one of the following statements, drawing on the material from the readings listed following and from the critiques you completed in Activity 4. Remember that your thesis must be your own. Because your essay will be shorter than the assigned readings, you will need to narrow your topic, zeroing in on what you believe are the most important points.
Addictions are a product of social dislocation and family stress.
Unrealistic body images presented in the media promote physical and psychological disease among women.


Addictions are a Product of Social Dislocation and Family Stress
Addiction is a common phenomenon in present-day society. Addiction is developed by individuals as a coping mechanism for various life problems. This paper is a discussion of how social dislocation and family stress cause addiction. Social dislocation is caused by loss of employment, property and loved ones, assimilation into new cultures, conformity to societal stereotypes, hormonal changes among teenagers and misinterpretation of body scarring practices. The associated forms of addiction are alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, extreme dieting habits, excessive use of beauty products, bad eating habits and extreme body scarring practices.
Loss of employment is an instance of social dislocation. Loss of employment by professionals is a common occurrence in today's capitalist society. Legally, employment is supposed to be given on the grounds of merit and skills as dictated by the laws. “In order for a free market to be free, the exchange of land, labor, currency and consumer goods must be controlled by the laws of supply and demand” (Alexander and Shaler, 1). However, today's job market has been jeopardized by fraudulent systems and leadership. Several non-constitutional acts are seen to compromise the basis on which employment is given. These include corruption, nepotism, personal loyalties and favoritism to mention but a few. This causes the qualified people to lose their jobs.
Alcohol abuse is associated with loss of employment. An individual who has lost his job will develop depression due to financial security concerns for him and his dependents, especially his family. In most instances, the person in question is the breadwinner of the family and this results in the stress of the family as a whole. This person will turn to the abuse of alcohol as a coping mechanism to deal with the social dislocation caused. Alcohol gives a momentary illusion that his problems are forgotten. The more the alcohol is consumed the longer this illusion lasts and as the body begins to adapt to regular consumption of alcohol, the amount needed to create that illusionary feeling also increases. This compels the user to drink more and more alcohol to achieve the feeling. Eventually, the user becomes addicted to alcohol which has adverse mental and physical effects. In this manner, alcoholism as a form of drug abuse is fueled by the loss of employment as a form of social dislocation.
Loss of property is another instance of social dislocation. When people lose their material possession, it is closely linked with losing their social status as well. For instance, if a rich land owner loses his land due to reasons such as displacement by the government or war, he relocates to a place where he lives as a squatter or an average person, a life he is not accustomed to. The free market society is characterized by instances of forced dislocation of individuals from their original settlements. For instance, in England, the country achieved a blooming market system between the 16th and 19th centuries. To achieve this, the middle-class individuals and socially disadvantaged inhabitants were forcefully evicted from their farms and original settlements which were then turned into export-oriented manufacturing zones for industrialization benefits for the country.
Alcohol abuse is the coping mechanism for loss of property. Deprivation of social status together with adaptation to a life of suffering causes one to resort to alcoholism to numb the associated frustration and depression. Historically, there is a strong correlation between forced dislocations, widespread consumption of alcohol and consequentially drunkenness in Europe during the Middle Ages. During th...

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