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The Role of Academic Integrity in achieving Student Success in College (Essay Sample)


This paper counts for up to 100 points, or 10% of your final grade. ALSO CAN YOU PLEASE TYPE SINGLE SPACED THANKYOU!! :D ALSO BE SURE TO USE WEBSITE LINKED PDF AS SOURCE
Make sure to submit this paper on Microsoft Word or Google Docs, as D2L is not compatible with software like Pages for Mac. This paper will consist of no less than four short paragraphs of text. There is no maximum length limit for this or any other assignments in this class, but one full page, single-spaced, is appropriate. Keep in mind that you must always write in your own words. This means that you can still summarize and paraphrase the document you are studying. If you choose to cite the source, your quote must be within quotation marks and must be no more than 10% of the total text of your essay. Example,
Lone Star College defines sabotage as “destroying or vandalizing student or faculty course materials or records.”
Unfortunately, academic dishonesty is a major problem in American colleges and universities. The penalties for academic dishonesty are severe at Lone Star College. Never plagiarize in any of your assignments. Plagiarism will earn you an “F” in this course and could get you expelled from Lone Star. Never submit any work that contains plagiarized material.
Since we are all using the same source, there is no need to include a Works Cited page.
Keep in mind that you are writing for a college-level course. You must make an effort to submit work that does not contain major English grammatical and/or style errors.
This paper is based on your careful study of the Lone Star College Academic Integrity Brochure. Use this source only. The brochure is available through the “Readings” folder in D2L and also at
Please follow the guidelines below strictly.
Be thorough.
Proofread and spell check your paper. English grammar and style are important.
Give your paper an original title.
First paragraph. Discuss Lone Star College’s definitions of: a) Academic Integrity, and b) Student Success.
Second paragraph. Paraphrase Lone Star College’s concepts of: a) Plagiarism, b) Sabotage, c) Lying, d) Dishonesty/Unethical Practices, and e) Cheating/Theft.
Third Paragraph. Articulate the consequences for practicing academic dishonesty and how one person can make a difference.


The Role of Academic Integrity in achieving Student Success in College
Academic integrity refers to students' involvement in actions geared towards the fair evaluation of work through the ethical production of materials related to college work. These works may include assignments or examinations that should be done by the student in such a manner that all presented work solely represents the genuine efforts of the learner (Lone Star College). This means that any work done using other people's research must be appropriately credited to ensure that the learner appreciates their role in his/her college work. On the other hand, student success must be obtained through honest means by ensuring that the learner achieves grades or marks through his/her efforts (Lone Star College). 

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