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Application of the Dreamer, Realist, and the Critic Process (Essay Sample)


Essay Question
For your final assignment, you will need to write an essay of at least 1250 words. In your essay, please employ the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic technique to consider the following:
A regional airline has struggled with on-time departures and arrivals. An outside consultant made a quick review of the underlying causes. She identified a very slow boarding process, maintenance problems whenever the temperature dropped below 30 degrees (which was common during four months of the year), and occasional shortages of baggage handlers to lead the plane as the three factors contributing most to the airline's on-time performance problems.
You will need to employ the Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic process, making full use of your creativity.
In your paper, explain how you used the technique to:
Develop at least six ideas for improvement during the Dreamer phase (not worrying about their practicality)
Assess how you could make some of them work in practice (Realist phase)
Analyze the potential problems (Critic phase)
In closing, please also rate your ideas on a scale of 1-10 for their creativity (with 10 being the most creative) and explain why.
Successful essays will apply the Dreamer, Realist, and Critic processes, addressed in course readings to new and specific creative solutions to the problems discussed above. This means that you should cite specific ideas from the course readings (MLA or APA format preferred) and that your essay should have a works cited or references page.
The essay should be double-spaced and submitted as a Microsoft Word file. Please allow up to one business week for your essay to be graded.
Note that essays that do not meet the word count requirement are generally not able to respond to the question in enough specificity or detail to be effective. As a result, essays that do not meet the word count will be failed.


Course Code
Application of the Dreamer, Realist, and the Critic Process
The ability of a business to stay on top in a competitive business environment depends on its efficiency concerning the type of services that it offers. In a business environment, clients are likely to be more attracted to the cooperation that will give them the results that they require within the stipulated period. If a business is not able to keep to the standards, or even stay above the standards of services that are offered by competitors in the market, then they are obliged to face losses and even in adverse situations the collapse of the business. The airline industry is an industry that is expected to be efficient in terms of time management as it is supposed to improve the efficiency of time concerning transport. If an air transport industry experiences delays in its flights, it is likely to disadvantage the client, as they will experience delays in getting to their destinations. In addition, if airplanes do not depart at the expected time, they obstruct the planes that are supposed to land. Accordingly, the paper explores the possible solutions that can be used to deal with the problem of delayed and slow boarding process, maintenance problems of planes and shortage of baggage handlers, as they have been realized to be the cause of late on-time departure and arrivals at a local airline
The issue of slow and delayed boarding process can be solved by increasing the amount time allocate for boarding. If the airline had initially assigned the time of, for instance, thirty minutes for the passages to get on board, it should increase the boarding time to around an hour. The increased boarding time should be incorporated into the schedule of the flight. Expanding the boarding time is a strategy that will ensure that passengers have enough time board without being pressured (Amankwah, 2016). The crew will also not have the pressure of trying to get passengers on boarding. Increasing boarding time is essential for the sake of minimizing stress and ensuring that the passengers get to have enough time for boarding the airplane. The crew also maintains their calm.
The other mode that can be used to ensure that passengers get to board the plane on time is by the airline coming up with an initiative of offering the passengers hot or warm beverages the minute that they get on board. The fact that these delayed boarding processes mostly occur during cold months could mean that the passengers are always trying to get hot or warm beverages that could help them to keep warm before they finally board the plane. The queues that they could have to make in the restaurants before being served could be a contributing factor to their lateness. Additionally, they may have to cover long distances between the restaurants and the boarding sections thus prompting them to be late. Serving hot beverages to the travelers once they get on board would act as an essential step towards handling the issue of delayed boarding during cold months as the passengers would not waste time to get in and receive hot beverages to warm them up (Jaehn, & Neumann, 2015).
The other challenge regarding maintenance problem can be solved by the airline getting its qualified technicians who can always work on the planes the moment that they start experiencing problems. Additionally, the airline does not have to wait until the aircraft develop severe issues before repairing them. Instead, continuous assessment should always be done on the machines allowing for slight problems to be solved before they escalate to bigger and more significant damages. This way, the company will still ensure that their machines are in order. The technicians will also communicate in time on any...

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