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Research Assignment Ppaer: Should Abortion Be Banned? (Essay Sample)


in this essay i should speak about wether abortion should be banned or not , i shouldn't state my opinion at all ! 
I must stay neutral at all times during the essay and i should state or express three different stakeholders views (1) who is happy if abortion in banned and what will they gain (2) who is in between and what will they gain or loose (3) who is against abortion getting banned and what will they loose )
3 stakeholders views , I must stay neutral and never express my opinion at all 
zero plagiarism is required at all times ,
thank you


Should Abortion Be Banned
There are so many controversial issues in the world, but one of the most divisive has been the debate on the legalization or criminalization of abortion. This is one issue that has repeatedly split opinion sharply over the years, with different people having different views, each with substantial justification. Human life is not disposable; it cannot be traded or replaced by anything else. On the other hand, unwanted pregnancy will be somehow difficult for the mother, especially if she conceived it through a harrowing experience. With much of what has gone under the bridge, it remains as contentious and as controversial as it has always been all through the years. There has never been a clear winner in this debate, and there won't be, anytime soon. The balance will still be distributed among those that will be euphoric if abortion is banned, those who will lose, and those who will experience both impacts.
(1) Who is happy if abortion is banned and what will they gain
The church and other religious groups will be the biggest beneficiaries of the decision to ban abortion. These are institutions that advocate for morality, sanctity, and preservation of life. One common thing in all the religions is the decree against taking another person's life. In Christianity for example, one of the Ten Commandments was that one should not kill (Brown, 2014). The church still holds that abortion is the termination of life, and therefore constitutes a sin, a violation of God's commandments. They will gain as a result of their inherent everlasting mission, of spreading the gospel and converting as many people as possible to their Creator.
A ban on abortion wouldn't make the church gain followers, rather, it would make it easier for the church's cause of spreading the gospel, since abortion will not only be condemned by church, but also the law(Kegode,2010). These religious institutions would do this by ensuring that they teach the people the importance of staying righteous and therefore free of sins, such as killing, as is the case in abortion. Stanley Hauerwas, a theologian, sums up by saying “…It may be that issues such as abortion are finally not susceptible to intellectual 'solution.”
Several people are in need of kids. There are orphanages where children can be taken for adoption. It makes no sense, therefore, for an individual to conduct abortion under these circumstances. The sanctity of life needs to be protected, and this is what religion and other advocated of the banning of abortion rely on. God commanded man to go and fill the world; abortion does the opposite.
Legal activists will win if abortion was to be banned. The 14th Amendment of the American Constitution mainly places much emphasis on the importance of protecting the lives, even of the unborn. It prohibits the prosecution or killing of an innocent person, for the crimes that he or she did not commit. President Ronald Reagan once said, “…I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born…”Additionally, pregnant women are entitled to carrying the pregnancy to fruition before they stand trial or prosecution. This highlights the value of life that the Constitution places upon unborn children. They should be protected.
It will, therefore, be an endorsement of the constitution if abortion were to be banned since it will go hand in hand with the constitution (Brown, 2014). Additionally, there will be less confusion when it comes to the implementation of the laws, as ambiguity won't be there anymore. Being the superior body of law on the land, the Constitution would govern very much anything to do with the sanctity of life t...
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